Founder and CEO Mo Zhuoya of DataBeyondTechnology has been Recognized in 36Kr's "SHE POWER · 2023 Influential Women" list


In a recent acknowledgment of pioneering female figures, the founder and CEO of DataBeyond Technology, Mo Zhuoya, has been listed in the prestigious "SHE POWER·2023 Impactful Women" released by 36Kr. This list also features a cohort of influential women including Dai Shan, CEO of Haitian Group; Dong Mingzhu, Chairperson and President of Gree Electric Appliances; Meng Wanzhou, Vice Chair, Rotating Chair, and CFO of Huawei Technologies; and Fu Xin, Partner at Sequoia China.



Mo Zhuoya, as the founder and CEO of DataBeyondTechnology, has demonstrated remarkable capabilities and influence within the technology industry. DataBeyondTechnology is dedicated to spearheading the widespread application of advanced intelligent sorting technology worldwide, ensuring that more recycling enterprises can afford and make effective use of high-end intelligent sorting equipment. This effort accelerates the arrival of an era of intelligence within the recycling industry, making high-quality intelligent sorting equipment more accessible and propelling the industry towards a more intelligent future.


The "SHE POWER" list, curated and published by 36Kr, a prominent media platform, seeks to spotlight the exceptional achievements and influence of women across diverse industries, recognizing their contributions to the business landscape and society at large.