DataBeyond provides a stable and reliable sorting solution for municipal waste disposal


Aiming to achieve the goals of 'resource utilization, reduction, and harmlessness' for waste. DataBeyond has become a trusted partner for an increasing number of customers worldwide, offering a one-stop turnkey project from overall solution design, equipment manufacturing, on-site installation, to final complete delivery. With DataBeyond's

intelligent sorting machine, we can separate various valuable materials from mixed waste,ultimately turning waste into treasure.If you are seeking a reliable partner to realize the resource utilization of municipal solid waste, DataBeyond's intelligent sorting technology and extensive industry experience can tailor a solution to meet your needs.


Sorting Case
Municipal Solid Waste
Materials Recovery Facility -Japan
MSW -Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department
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FASToAi 143 3tons/hour
FASToAi 184 4tons/hour
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FASToAi·SPEC 184/106/146/206/286
FASToAi·FLUO 106/148/208/288
FASToAi·METAL 106/146/206/286
FASToAi·SPEC·METAL 106/146/206/286
FASToAi·SPEC·FLUO 106/148/208/288
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