DataBeyond's unmanned waste recycling room is primarily applied in residential areas


Shopping malls,office buildings, hotels, universities, factories, and other scenarios. It can be integrated into waste sortingrooms or used as standalone units. It sup ports mixed recycling of all categories, including waste card-board, plastic, small appliances, waste textiles, and metal. With the unmanned waste recycling house,there is no need for collectors to weigh materials on-site, and it eliminates the price difference earned by tricycle collectors, greatly saving operational costs and helping you quickly secure the source of recycla-bles. Combined with the itelligent unloading platform of the backend sorting center, it enables instant identification of waste types, instant report generation, and instant settlement, eliminating water contami-nation.


Sorting Case
Will Sort their OwnTrash items

The project is a donation of several "garbage bins that can sort by themselves" to primary and secondary schools in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. This donation project is a integration of intelligent technology and education, which helps the development of "let science and technology serve education, and promote education with science and technology", while bringing innovative ideas and practical power to students.


Benefits of the project:

· It is a practical measure for technology enterprises and entrepreneurs to contribute to the cause of "science and technology education"

· Cultivate students' awareness of garbage classification, practice garbage classification, and promote sustainable development.

· Improve students' knowledge of science and technology and cultivate their interest in science

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