Gongye TechnologyGongye Technology

Application scenarioRe-create resource value

Technical characteristics Promote solid waste "resources, reduction, harmlessness, and intelligence" with scientific and technological power


Let the world's circular economy industry fall in love with Made in China

Founded in 2018, Gongye Technology is an artificial intelligence and big data company focusing on solid waste recycling and solid waste sorting. Headquartered in Songshan Lake High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, there are artificial intelligence research institutes and equipment production bases in Shenzhen and Wuxi.

As the world's leading provider of intelligent solid waste sorting equipment, Gongye Technology has provided services to more than fifty waste treatment plants. We always firmly believe that smart recycling and smart sorting for solid waste scenarios will play a key role in promoting the global circular economy industry and achieving the great goal of "carbon neutrality" and benefit human society.

For a long time, we have unswervingly followed the road of independent research and development and insisted on making "three-country products": China's artificial intelligence, China's big data, and China's robots. We have the confidence and ability to make the world's circular economy industry fall in love with Made in China.


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