AI and Optoelectronics
Intelligents Sorting Equipment Provider

DataBeyond Technology, founded in 2018, is a high-tech company specializing in AI and optoelectronic integration-based intelligent sorting equipment. The company's products are primarily used in a wide range of waste sorting applications, including MRF , MSW , WEEE, ASR, C&I , C&D , WRS, and TRS. DataBeyond Technology's solutions enable the precise sorting of waste materials, ultimately creating added value from waste resources.

Through our unwavering commitment to product excellence, we not only dominate the domestic market but also export our equipment to various overseas territories, including Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, and beyond. Our ultimate objective is to expedite the advent of the intelligent era in recycling.

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Top Sales in China
Sorting Accuracy
10 t/h
PET Bottle Feed Rate
1000 +
Project Cases Worldwide
Intelligent Equipment R&D and Production Base
300 +
Chinese Intellectual Property
Top Perfromance Of Product Combination for
Recycling Manufacturer to Establish"
Dark Factory
Data-driven Optimization by DataBeyond Cloud Brain
Mini AI Optical Sorter Series
Mini AI Optical Sorter Series
Data-driven Optimization by DataBeyond Cloud Brain
Large Al Optical Sorter Series
Large Al Optical Sorter Series
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MES of Plastic Flakes Washing Plant
Eliminate Management Loopholes to Ensure Leading-edge Performance
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